This One Thing Supports 80% of Your Bust

March 30 2020 – Athena Kasvikis

This One Thing Supports 80% of Your Bust | Behave Bras
This One Thing Supports 80% of Your Bust | Behave Bras

Here’s a little known fact that should become law: The majority of the support that you get for your large breasts comes from your bra’s band.

The BAND size of your bra is making or breaking your breasts. Truly.

Let me tell you a story that may help illustrate this. 

So there’s this girl in her early 20’s. She’s young and reasonably smart and has just gotten her first major corporate job. She’s going places and adulting like no one’s business. 
She’s got her business wardrobe on lock. Coordinating sweater sets and all. This chick is on it and nothing is going to hold her back. 
Then one day, early into this new job, her close friend comes over to hang out and sees this girl in her bathrobe. 
Her friend spots what I will charitably refer to as this girl’s “bra,” under said robe and freaks out. “What in the world do you think you’re doing with THAT?!?” she admonishes. 
Now, this young woman is a bit shocked at being yelled at about undergarments. She owns many many undergarments and they’re all clean and newer, and kinda cute. 
“What do you mean what is that? It’s my frickin bra, what does it look like?” she sasses back to her friend. 
“No ma’am. THAT is not a bra. THAT is a travesty. THAT thing doesn’t even pretend to fit you. What size is that anyway?” says the concerned friend. 
Backstory on concerned friend: She’s a natural 34G at this time. She has gynormous boobs that are deceiving. You really don’t know how big they are because she always seems to cover them with clothing so artfully. But anyone that’s seen her in just a bra or swimsuit is in awe of how someone’s body can support such items so well without constantly toppling over.  
So let’s get back to this young corporate girl who’s getting dressed down about her bra.  She tells her friend that it’s a 38DD from Vicky’s in the mall and it’s the biggest size they had and at least it covers her nipples and the lady working there measured her and all. And pipe the heck down, would ya?

Sound like a familiar thing yet ladies? How many of you have been “measured” by someone at a mall bra store and thought that you finally know your size? Yup. A lot of you I think. 

Young corporate girl’s friend makes her a bet on the spot. “If you come and get professionally fitted for a bra with me today, I’ll buy you lunch if you’re not a 30E/F. If you’re anything else, even close to a 38DD I’ll be shocked”
Now let’s get one thing straight. Corporate girl with an apparently ill-fitting bra loves to eat. Food is life. Free lunch sounds good. She’s just been measured recently. She’s going to win. 
However, she’s wondering what in the world kinda nonsense her friend is spouting about a 30F bra is? Is that even a thing?
So the two friends head out for the day, one wearing her 38DD and the other wearing her 34G, and go in search of a professional bra fitting. Lunch is on the line. This shit just got serious.  And you know how this is going to end.

Never bet against a woman with a big bust who looks great in her bras and clothes. That bitch has it all figured out. The better idea is to just pump her for information and take notes on everything she says. 

So they go to a real lingerie shop and this kind older British woman sizes the girl up. 
The fitter and the friend are appalled at how someone could put this girl into a 38 sized band when her ribcage only measures in at a 27. It’s as close to criminal as they’re ever seen.
They explain to her how the band should hold up her boobs on it’s own, the shoulder straps should just be there to kinda keep it all in place on the front. They explain that she’s been wearing bras for women more than 60 - 80lbs heavier than her because said bra store referenced early that begins with a “VS” just put her in their largest cup with no regard to whether the band fit or not.
The corporate girl has almost 1” shoulder divots from wearing bras with bands that provide 0% support. Her straps have been doing all of the heavy lifting, literally, and they’ve close to ruined her back. 
Quick Ending: They get fitted and low and behold, the young corporate girl fits a 30F in every bra she tries on. Her friend gets a free lunch and undying admiration. The girl gets her mind blown that bras go above a DD but is converted forever to bras in the next part of the alphabet because she’s so comfortable now. 
She decides on a few basic bras in 30F and feels like it’s changed her life. She still has cleavage, that is never going away, but now she has comfort. She has shape. She literally dances around in the dressing room and her boobs come with her the whole time, like one big happy family. 
Why do I tell you this story? 
Well A) it should be obvious that I’m the young corporate girl who had the crazy shoulder divots and wildly ill-fitting bras.
But B) Because the BAND MATTERS. It’s life-changing to wear the appropriate band. It’s the most important thing to get right on a bra.
Bad-fitting bands ruin backs and shoulders. They destroy your comfort. They cause irreparable damage and shoulder divots. 
It’s counter-intuitive for sure but the tighter the band, the better. You should be able to move your shoulders around and your torso back and forth without the band sliding at all, That’s how tight that should be on you. 
I know that I’m not going to solve the world’s problems with 1 blog post, but my goodness do I wish that I could at least convert a few of you to get into the right band. 
So check out the Sizing Guide page on this site and follow the super easy instructions on how to size yourself. It literally takes less than a minute. You don’t need a flexible measuring tape, you can just use string or butcher’s twine or a ribbon and compare it against a ruler. 
Find your band and go from there. If you’re a DD or into the rest of the alphabet up to I, with a 30-38 band, you can be sure Behave will have a bra size for you. If you’re not quite a DD, at least we’ve gotten you set on the first major measurement that matters for bras and you can find one with the right cup size from a ton of other bra brands. 
Remember ladies, the BAND MATTERS.  
Love - Athena