Self Care for Lazy Ladies

April 14 2020 – Athena Kasvikis

Self Care for Lazy Ladies | Behave Bras
Self Care for Lazy Ladies | Behave Bras

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been living in your bathrobe or lounge wear now for a while.

Now I find myself in what I would normally consider bliss: no need to do makeup or hair or even to wear pants. Every. Single. Day.

What I’m learning though, is that those days when I did the whole “smoke and mirrors” routine (my term for hair blow dried and makeup done), were the days that made me appreciate the chance to live in lounge wear. And without any smoke and mirrors days for the past month, I’m no longer luxuriating in comfiness.

I’m actually feeling dumpy, a bit sloppy and kind of a mess, so I sat down yesterday and worked out a plan to change that.

Self care is something that’s more important now than ever because in the WFH hustle, it’s a good reminder to take care of yourself and get a confidence boost if we’re doing it right.

So here’s what I’ve determined will have biggest bang for the buck to get me to start feelin’ myself with the smallest amount of effort:

Putting on moisturizer every morning first thing. Nothing feels grosser than weird, dry skin during the day and without my makeup routing happening on a regular basis, I’ve stopped doing the important first steps to it. I’ve been finding myself around 2pm everyday with half dry/half oily skin and noticing that I feel kinda bleh because of it. No more. Moisturizer, and even a splash of toner first, is a good idea for any day of the week and I’m getting back into that routine. 

Brushing my hair. Sounds so crazy right? But when I don’t blowdry my hair regularly, I just let it air dry and put it up. Usually that means throwing it in a clip and being a Bun Head for days. I had an amazing hair brushing session yesterday when I realized it was something that made me feel taken care of. Like a real-deal Rapunzel type moment when I sat there for like 20 minutes just running a soft brush through my mane. It was so soothing! Brought me back to my childhood when my mother used to gently brush out my hair with my head on her lap. And my hair looked crazy shiny afterwards. I could run my fingers through it even though it was kinda half curly half wavy. Mind-blowing. I’ll be brushing my hair every night. 

Wearing a cute bra. Now, I know I’m the creator of the Behave bra so I have unlimited access to our Wireless Lounge bra, believe me-I wear it all day long. Wow does it help! It’s lifts and shapes without wires, which I feel like everyone wants right now, and super comfortable and I forget I’m even wearing a bra. But the kicker is that the Wireless Lounge bra is pretty and lacey, so it makes me feel sexy just for me. I always extend the Stayz, day or night, and I love seeing the printed fabric peek above my bathrobe when I catch myself in a mirror. It’s a cheeky little reminder that I’ve got some sassy lingerie on and makes me feel like a million bucks, even though I’m self-isolating at home :) 

Doing a little bit extra. For me, it’s shaving!  Let’s be honest. I despise shaving. Caveat: I’m not pulling out a razor on a daily basis. That’s still a bit too much work. But as soon as the hair on my pits gets pokey, I’m shaving it and the same goes for my legs. As soon as it gets to the point where it’s braidable (like it was last weekend), I need to shave it and put the extra time into me and step away from the screen time. For you, it might be a deep conditioning hair mask or giving yourself a DIY mani. Whatever it is, block off the time and be self-indulgent for a bit. 

Mental health moment. Anyone else feeling anxious? Turns out that a global pandemic makes it hard to sleep at night 😂 For me, I’ve been loving the online breath-work class at my gym Healthworks but I’m also very into an anytime on-demand session with my Calm app. My other favorite mental health moment is a digital detox bath. No phone allowed! I set myself up with an entertaining tv show (90 Day Fiance, anyone?) and tune out from the world for a short while. 

Simple pleasures. Making every single meal at home has me paring things back to the basics and also has made me appreciate the little things. Lately, I’m really into flakey sea salt and really good olive oil. The added benefit of being at home is that I’m eating more mindfully and not rushing from place to place and grabbing random bars between meetings. Finding the simple pleasures at home gives me something to look forward to, which is key to getting through the long days at home!

I’ve learned a lot about myself in just the past few weeks of shelter-in-place and it turns out that it is true that the grass is always greener on the other side! I want to hear what you’re doing at home to keep things fun and to give yourself a boost, so join our private facebook group or come over to instagram and drop us a DM. We all need a little sassy, sexy moment to remember who we are-even if we’re stuck inside wearing stretchy pants for days.