Shark Tank was a truly "Wonderful" experience :)

As a long time fan of the show, it was a dream come true to earn a spot in "the tank." I brought the puns, the panache and all of the Big Bust energy to one of the hottest shows on the planet! And it seems to have worked - Behave was the fastest deal the producers have ever seen!

Check out our pitch below and see how it all worked out with the Sharks!


Our Story

Behave Bras is an innovative line of wire-free lingerie made for the biggest busts.

Our Mission

To help women love their bodies, and their bras, again.

Our Founder's Story

Why I created the Wireless Lounge Bra

My struggles were....totally normal.

I grew up in a big Greek/Italian family and always felt supported. But I developed a problem. Well, two big problems to be precise. I developed large breasts at a young age and they wrecked my back, neck and shoulders. I used to have to wear not 1, but 2-3 sports bras just to exercise without major pain!

It wasn't clear at the time why I couldn't go into a store and find a size that fit or felt comfortable, so I just assumed it was my body that was weird.

I've since grown more comfortably into my G cups and learned, it was never me that was the problem - it was the bras. There are +50M women in the US today above a DD cup and being ignored by major brands.

I finally got tired of waiting for the big bra brands to pay attention to big breasts.

That's why I created the Wireless Lounge bra, so I would have something supportive to wear that was wire-free and comfortable enough to sleep in.

The Stayz I developed are stretchy pieces of fabric that live inside of each cup- and I LOVE them! They can be pulled into place to give extra support while laying down and come in cute prints. Or they can be tucked inside of the cups for a sweetheart neckline and true bralette look. Whatever way you choose to wear the Wireless Lounge bra, you're comfy and supported.

And did I say it's wildly pretty? Well, it's gorgeous and luxe. Because big boobs deserve fabulous things.