Supports Like an Underwire, Feels Barely There.

Athena's reaction from Shark Tank Season 13 , Episode 15

Athena Got the Sharks to BEHAVE!

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Limited Edition: Vixen

A few times a year we launch the colors that we've always dreamed of but never been able to find in large cup sizes. This gorgeous new color is perfectly in-time with the Holiday season. Warm cranberry notes with a hint of fuschia and red, make it indescribably gorgeous and our more brilliant color yet!

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Dylan in Behave Bras Big Cat Size 9 in bathroom mobile

For The Busty, By The Busty

What does a girl with G cups do when she just wants to relax and not get stabbed by an underwire? She makes the perfect wire-free bra for the millions of large-breasted women like her. With luxe padded straps and no stabby wires.

Kira in Behave Bras Phantom Size 6

Patented Stayz for Stay-Put Support

See those stretchy fabric pieces in black covering her cleavage above? Those are our patented Stayz. They keep the girls in their assigned seats and gets rid of boob smash, jiggle, and sweat. They're part magic and part science. But make no mistake, they're ALL about comfort.



"These bras fit great and I always use the stayz to keep myself in place."

Tori H., Verified Buyer


"The stayz are like the best bra invention in years."

Ashleigh P., Verified Buyer


"It hardly feels like I'm wearing a bra, and yet I'm supported!"

Harmony, Verified Buyer