About Stayz

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So What Are Stayz?

Can you imagine forgetting that you're wearing a bra? That is the exact feeling I was going for when I developed Stayz technology.

Stayz are the innovative stretch fabric pieces that makes Behave Bras so unique.

They give our bras underwire support without the torture of underwires. The stretch of a sports bra without the uniboob. The comfort of a your favorite loungewear with the look of your sexiest lingerie.

Stayz: more pics, less words

Gravity affects everyone and everything. But Stayz can counteract gravity and keep your breasts where they belong.

Bra w/ Stayz out

- Stayz are pulled into place, encapsulating the entire curve of the breast. Any remaining fabric should tucked back into cup

- Stayz separate breasts when you’re standing up and laying down to get rid of boob jiggle, boob smash and boob sweat

- They give the cup area more room when they're in place

- Stayz may not lay perfectly flat at the shoulder straps when standing up and that’s normal

- Stayz are stretchy fabric pieces and when their stretch is maxed out, they "catch and hold" breasts in place while laying on your side

Bra w/ Stayz hidden

- Stayz can be hidden in cups of bra for a true bralette look

- Allows them to stay hidden under lower neckline shirts

- When hidden, they give the bra a more compressive/smaller feel to the cups

- When trying on your Behave Bra for the first time, make sure to try with the Stayz tucked and the Stayz pulled out