To Bra or Not to Bra. There's Really No Option.

May 18 2020 – Athena Kasvikis

To Bra or Not to Bra. There's Really No Option. | Behave Bras
To Bra or Not to Bra. There's Really No Option. | Behave Bras
This is the toughest choice millions of American women face on a daily basis:

Do I strap on my war harness of a bra or bare-boob it and hope my swinging assets aren't apparent on my next Zoom call?

Dear lord, I wish I actually had this option. 

Let’s call it what it is: When you have top-heavy assets that weigh enough to pull on your shoulders, bare-boobing it sounds like another version of hell. 

The thought of no containment for my breasts brings a cringe to my face. Kind of like a mental nails-over-the-chalkboard moment. 

Breasts above a DD cup, especially for smaller-banded women who have less space to carry them, are HEAVY. 

If they’re natural, they’re also jiggly and wiggly and likely a bit droopy. 

The thoughts of those pendulums of moving flesh swinging around while I grab my coffee or them laying on my mid-section while I try and act professional on a video call, are not pretty ones. 

The skin-crawly feeling of them pulling (yes pulling) on the skin under my collarbone makes me cringe.

Stairs? Out of the question if I’m bare-boobing it. 

Any time I’ve ever tried to go au natural, I’ve regretted it. Felt naked. Unprotected. Vulnerable. 

Who knew that a bra is such a big part of my daily armor?

So alas, we come to what I think is the next best option to wearing an underwire torture device when you’re working from home: wireless bras!

I’ve heard from a lot of women that women with bigger busts have lost faith in wireless bras from a fit or support standpoint. And that's totally fair. 

I had completely lost faith in ever finding one too. It was actually the impetus for me starting Behave. 

I had been searching for more than 2 years for a wireless bra that I could wear while hanging in my house. 

Something to offer enough support that I wouldn’t have to hold each boob on the stairs, but also something that I could lay on the couch in and would keep my boobs from turning into a hot little pile on one side of the couch. 

But this is a new era for lingerie and new innovation is here. 

Wireless bras are not made for women with bigger busts and smaller bands. 

And that's partially due to the fact that they're super hard to design in a way that’s both supportive for the heaviest boobs and still retains some level of comfort. 

Before Behave, I had bought ALL of the wireless bras out there. I knew that I was a 32FF/G, but would try anything that even looked like it would fit a DD. Desperation and hope are not a good combo for your bank account when you have bigger boobs. They lead to ridiculous purchases because you're coming at your problem with an emotional need to find something, anything that fits.

And nothing ever fits. 

90% of the 40 or so bras (in different sizes I tried) were too small in some way. 

Mostly, the cups would be way too small and the band would be way too big. 

Please someone tell me what size: S, M, L or XL, someone like me being a 32G buys anyways?

The XL may fit half a nipple but the band rides up the back and the straps dig like no one’s business. The S is a joke trying to mash even a partial boob into but the band fits. FML.

The other 10% of wireless bras I tried were horribly uncomfortable. They were the wireless sports bra ones that us CIBs sometimes like to convince ourselves are going to be comfy even when we know that they’re going to create a big, smushed-boob-sausage-uniboob and cause massive amounts of boob sweat if we attempt to lounge in them. 

And now you know most of our Behave origin story. 

Woman wants to bare-boob but can’t because that shit hurts.

Woman cannot fathom wearing underwire for lounging. 

Woman turns to wireless bras and fails miserably finding her size.

Woman says screw it, and starts her own brand to solve her the problem herself.

So now let’s talk about Behave’s Wireless Lounge bra a bit more so you can see how this all comes together. 

It’s truly the most lounge-worthy bra in the world. 

Why you ask?

To start, it’s completely wireless. 

No underwire to be found on this little lady. 

Second, it’s supportive. 

Wireless support CAN happen when you set out designing specifically for DD+ cups and beyond like we did. When you use strategic seams, 

Making bras for the CIB (Curvy In-Betweener) the way other bra companies do it is a disaster because they start their designs on a C cup and size up (or down).

By the time they size up to a G cup, that original bra is warped, the support features are sub-standard for bigger busts because they’re carried through from what would work for a C-cup (i.e. those little thin straps and skinny bands) and the resulting bra is just a bigger, unwieldy mess that misses out on the unique features that bigger boobs require. 

When you go above a D/DD cup, you need to start your designs over from scratch. 

When you pass that threshold in size, the bra needs to be reimagined for what is a new customer and therefore, designed to meet her unique needs. THIS is why many of us are so skeptical if a “regular-sized” lingerie company expands their sizes for us. Because unless they started from scratch, it’s likely that their larger sizes are just wonky lookalikes of their best-sellers. 

Third, Behave’s bras have STAYZ. 

This is not your ordinary bra innovation. 

We didn’t slap a new strap on our bras and call it innovative. Didn’t find a new lace pattern and declare it perfection. Or convince you that using a different fabric is the only innovation you need.

No. We created something exclusively for big boobs. Something that we KNOW will work for bigger busts because we have bigger busts and it works for us.

Stayz are these awesome little pieces of specifically designed fabric that live in the cups of every Behave Bra. You pull them into the curve of your breast and they keep your ladies separated and in their assigned seats. 

They’re meant to give you side-to-side support, not just up and down support. 

That means you can wear them all day long and reduce your boob jiggle while you’re walking around. 

But where they really shine is what they do for lounging. 

They keep each breast in place when you’re laying down. They hold each boob up and prevent one from coming across your body and smashing on the couch or bed. Kind of like little mini boob car seats. 


Because let’s be honest. Chest wrinkles are caused from breasts smashing your skin together. They’re not something any women prays to have as she gets older. They’re not something you want to have so you can wear a turtleneck for the rest of your life. 

We’ve got something over at Behave that no one else has. 

A comfy wireless bra with ACTUAL innovation that keeps your boobs in their assigned seats. 

So now the answer is simple. 

Always wear the bra. Better yet, always wear a Behave Bra :)