Behave-ing Sustainably

May 08 2020 – Athena Kasvikis

Behave-ing Sustainably | Behave Bras
Behave-ing Sustainably | Behave Bras

I recently had a consumer tell me that she wanted her Behave bra to come in a big box with beautiful writing and she was disappointed it didn’t. Other brands she’s purchased come in these lovely packages.

I hear her and I understand the “want” we all have of seeing and getting pretty things. 

But I respectfully disagree with her. 

Pretty things are necessary in our lives. But pretty things that add waste without function are unconscionable at this point. For too long the lingerie industry has been wildly wasteful. 

While I love the whole Marie Kondo-ness of “Throw it out if it doesn’t give your joy”, I don’t think that we should be asking for products to include *crap* that is immediately thrown out without ever being used.

So I prioritized function and utility for Behave instead of perfumed boxes- and I’m proud of us for doing that!

You can actually use our packing materials again and again because we designed them to be that way. As an e-commerce brand, Behave is prioritizing sustainable shipping practices now and forever. 

Nothing says “depression” like combing through racks of summer clothing in a store, trying to find something that will flatter a large chest whilst hiding bra straps. See also: Agonizing. 

That’s why I started online shopping for my clothes and bras early on in the e-commerce movement of the 2000’s. I needed things to fit my body that just weren’t available in brick-and-mortar stores.

It has made me somewhat of an expert in online shopping.

When you’re forced to hunt down items that are not readily available, like bras in a 32 G cup, you become proficient in navigating the internet, and comfortable in spending more of your money there.

And what I’ve noticed over the last few years is that many of my family and friends are doing more and more online shopping as well. 

So let me tell you my pet peeve: (well, one of them.)

When my long-awaited packages arrive- face creams, pens, shoes and other essentials, and they’re wrapped in huge boxes. Encased in tons of packing materials and bubble wraps that are immediately thrown out.

It’s a ridiculous waste. 91% of plastic worldwide is not recycled.*

As we hear more and more about how our recycling efforts in the US are not even close to what’s needed in the world, it is important to me that Behave is not another company that fell into the same wasteful cycles.

When I started Behave I made a conscious choice. We were NOT going to invest time, money, and resources into making customer branded lingerie boxes, with little tissue paper wrappings and stickers. I believe we are so past that wasteful phase of consumerism.

Is it fun when you receive a beautiful box with ribbons and tissue to unwrap your newest purchase? Of course. 

But that moment of unwrapping the newest thing you’ve splurged on is just that- a moment. Then all of that packing material is sent to a landfill, or shipped back overseas to take up space and pollute our earth indefinitely. 

At Behave, this belief is a part of the foundation of our brand. No boxes. No tissue paper. No metallic stickers and wrappings and nonsense to get thrown out in the week’s trash.

A beautiful wireless bra and gorgeous lace panties don’t need a fancy unwrapping session with candles lit and soft music playing. They’re meant to provide daily comfort to women who have had so little of it for so many years. They speak for themselves.

But there is something our products DO need.

A way to make sure that you wash them properly so the premium, soft lace lasts you longer. And something to pack them in for shipment that’s actually… useful. And  reusable! And- that doesn’t immediately get thrown in the trash.

That’s why we send out every order in a custom Behave mesh laundry bag. Free of charge. Because I want you to enjoy your purchase and keep it in tip top shape. Another key aspect of a sustainable lifestyle is caring for the things you have, so they last longer. 

Lingerie is called “delicate” because in general, it’s a bit more delicate than a t-shirt or a pair of jeans. To protect it, washing lingerie in a laundry bag is a great way to ensure that it doesn’t get any snags from zippers, or pulls from other clothing being tossed around in your washer tub. 

The little bags we pack each product into are sturdy, with a zip top, and are meant to be reusable. I put my makeup brushes in them. They’re washable with a little soap and water. They’re the perfect size to hold dirty lingerie when I travel. Their uses are endless. DO NOT THROW THEM OUT!

If you’re looking for a beautiful box with tissue everywhere when you purchase your lingerie, you’ll have to look for that elsewhere. 

Behave is not going to do that now, or in the future. What we will be doing is striving to get even better at sustainability. Because there is more that we can do on this front.

Part of my goal as an entrepreneur is to make sure that I’m running my business in a way that I can feel proud of, and sustainability is one facet that we’ll continue to work towards day after day.

We’re already looking into new fabrics and materials made from recycled fibers and sustainable materials- but for now, our battle is fought before the product even arrives at your doorstep.

You can do your part by holding on to that little Behave bag, and washing all of your bras and undies safely in there.

We're working on getting into sustainable fabrics are are committed to eventually making that a hallmark of our brand. We appreciate your interest in sustainable lingerie, and we know the earth thanks you as well.