About Us

My struggles were....totally normal.

I grew up in a big Greek/Italian family and always felt supported. But I developed a problem. Well, two big problems to be precise. I developed large breasts at a young age and they wrecked my back, neck and shoulders. I used to have to wear not 1, not 2 but 3!!! sports bras just to play sports without major pain!

It wasn't clear at the time why I couldn't go into a store and find a size that fit or felt comfortable, so I just assumed it was my body that was weird.

Well, I've grown into my G cups and learned. It was never me that was the problem - it was the bras. There are +50M women in the US today above a DD cup and being ignored by major brands.

I finally got tired of waiting for the big bra brands to pay attention to big breasts.

That's why I created the Wireless Lounge bra so that I would have something supportive to wear that was wire-free and comfortable enough to sleep in. The Stayz I developed are stretchy pieces of fabric that live inside of each cup- and I LOVE them! They can be pulled into place to give extra support while laying down and come in cute prints. Or they can be tucked inside of the cups for a sweetheart neckline and true bralette look. Whatever way you choose to wear the Wireless Lounge bra, you're comfy and supported.

And did I say it's wildly pretty? Well it's gorgeous and luxe. Because big boobs deserve fabulous things.