Our Product

I created the Wireless Lounge bra so that I would have something supportive to wear that was wire-free. The Stayz we developed are stretchy pieces of fabric that live inside of each cup- and I LOVE them! They can be pulled into place to give extra support while laying down and come in cute prints. Or they can be tucked inside of the cups for a sweetheart neckline and true bralette look. Whatever way you choose to wear the Wireless Lounge bra, you're comfy and supported.

And it's wildly pretty. Because bigger boobs still deserve gorgeous things, right?

Our Story

Hi, I'm Athena! This whole thing began 2 years ago with a frustrated woman (me) drawing on a napkin what the perfect bra would be. I was worried about developing chest wrinkles and premature sagging so I invented these cool pieces of fabric called Stayz, so that I could lay down and lounge without my boobs smashing together. This whole thing eventually became my company, Behave.

My goal is to ensure that the 25+ Million women like me with bigger busts and smaller bands (I'm a 32FF and a Behave Size 4) can wear pretty things that fit properly and are comfy. Bigger-busted, smaller-banded ladies like us too often get overlooked and Behave is here to change that.

Our Mantra

We believe that the only thing on a woman's body that should ever behave is her bust. The rest of her should set the world on fire.


Patent-pending hidden stretch fabric that lives inside each cup. See ya later chest wrinkles and premature sagging.

Big time innovation for big time boobs