Why I Despise Bra "Fit Quizzes"

July 14 2020 – Athena Kasvikis

Why I Despise Bra "Fit Quizzes" | Behave Bras
Why I Despise Bra "Fit Quizzes" | Behave Bras

Fit quizzes are all the rage; you see them everywhere! From The Lingerie Subscription box, The Big Box Store and especially The Online Bra Company, they’re all looking for ways to engage shoppers and serve them the “best” items based on the quiz.

However, the dirty little secret is that a fit quiz is little more than a marketing ploy to get your email address and not a tool to help you and the other women that make up the 80% of bra wearers who are in the wrong bra size every day. 

So let me tell you why I discourage these so-called “Fit Quizzes” for bras and why it’s a bit of a sham to outsource bra fit to an online form. 

1. There is nothing standardized about them! Which means that these quizzes are not consistent or helpful to you outside the product line. Your "fit" result will vary a ton depending on how the questions are worded and also will vary on their sizing. Basically, what you're doing is giving sensitive information over to a company’s AI that is programmed to spit out a size that they sell, not reflect your universal size in all brands.

2. They're overly simplistic to the point of idiocy. There are ton of factors that matter when you're figuring out your bra fit. Fit is in the eye of the beholder, and if your straps are slipping on your current bra I'm going to argue that a lot more is wrong with your fit than just the straps. Same goes for the band. If your band is so loose that the bra is climbing your back, we need a larger intervention than just checking a box. So many women I know are wearing bras that are 3, 4, 5 years old and are just beat. What that bra fit like 5 years ago is likely not anywhere close to how it fits now. 

3. They don't take into account YOUR body. There is no data point or box to click saying "I like support but don't want my girls coming up to my chin" or "I like a tighter band fit, but need something that doesn't dig under my armpits” that can be measured by an algorithm.  I've fit a lot of boobs so far, and personal preference is the thing that makes or breaks each individual bra fit. After sitting down with many women, I have told some of them that we're not for them if they want super thin straps and don't want a longline shaped-bra. And I feel great doing that! Because at the end of the day, it's about finding each person their own best fit, not shoehorning them into the one your brand offers.

4. They give a false sense of security. These quizzes spit out a size for you based on an algorithm. Is that your general size in the market or just for their brand? Most likely the latter, and to be fair this applies to The Store in the Mall too. Since, I have filled out almost every single bra quiz and here are my results: 36DD, 32DDD(F), 34G, 30H and the best one yet, 32DD.  I haven't fit into a DD since I was 17! What's funny is that half of the companies offering said bra quizzes don't even make my size and you can see that in my results. My true bra size (taking into account normal human fluctuations) is a 32FF. 

So how can this be fixed?

1. Size by Sight. I have not yet been wrong in sizing a woman by sight. I can look at someone for less than 10 seconds and tell her what is likely going to fit her best. It’s not exactly a super power per se, it’s more of a thing where you see enough boobs, including your own, and you just know what’s going to work for them. Interested in a virtual fit sesh? Sign up with me by emailing to and I will size you no matter if you’re a Behave consumer or not! 

This is why we include 8 sizing photos for all 8 Behave sizes in our Lounge Goddess Bra. It’s also why we didn’t photoshop our photos, because we wanted to give our consumers the ability to see a woman in her natural state and in natural lighting so she could determine how something was fitting. So you can see other women, get their stats, and compare with your own.

This is a MUCH better way of figuring out where you should land in a brand’s bras than taking a Fit Quiz!


2. Don’t be afraid of measurements. Knowing your basic measurements is key to getting started in any new bra hunt. It’s by no means comprehensive, especially for more structured bras that have underwire, but it’s a good starting point. Getting your underbust and overbust measurements can be really helpful in putting you in the right range of where you should be. Like everything else, these numbers get you to a basic band and cup range. From there, you then have to figure out what you like and prefer from a fit perspective. 

3. Take design into account. Not every bra is designed for the same fit: sports bras, unlined and wireless bras to very structured underwire and push-up style bras all give a different type of shape, lift and support. For wireless bras that have stretch and a lot of give, you can usually just stop there and check out their size chart to determine where you will be. For underwire bras, it can be a bit harder. You really need to either get personally sized into that brand from a fit expert or you need to order a few sizes of each cup and band in your range to determine where you’ll fit best. 

I personally end up landing at a 32 band in my favorite brand and an FF or G for the cup, but that’s because my favorite underwire bra runs on the small side for bands.

I know this because I know my measurements and I have ordered a 30FF, 30G and 32FF, 32G to try on at home in the same bra to determine what feels best for me. The 30 inch bands in this brand were just too tight, and the 32 inch bands were just right. In other brands, I can wear a 30G and feel right and comfy if they run on the larger size of banding or a 34F if they run really small.

At Behave, we focus on finding the RIGHT fit. Even if it's not in our bra. 

Our Curvy In-Betweeners have been left out of the conversation for so long and have so few choices because most brands lack the experience I have being a Curvy In-Betweener myself.

Even if you don’t fit into a 30-38 band with a DD cup or higher, I am here to help you find your best fit and actual bra size. I believe women live their best lives when fully supported.

While I can’t fix your life I sure can fix your bra :) Book a virtual fit sesh with me and I will personally get you sorted out.