Do Yourself a Favor. Look at Your Friends' Boobs.

March 08 2022 – Athena Kasvikis

Do Yourself a Favor. Look at Your Friends' Boobs. | Behave Bras
Do Yourself a Favor. Look at Your Friends' Boobs. | Behave Bras

Real talk: When was the last time your partner ran screaming from the room when you took your top off? No really. When was the last time they saw your breasts and were so horrified they fled in abject terror?

Never. That’s when.

Perspective ladies. That’s what we need! Turn off the porn, put down the magazines, unfollow the ig influencers, and take a good look at all your besties boobs.

We are very familiar with our own bodies but we’re hopelessly ignorant about each other’s. I can tell you without needing to look in a mirror what each of my breasts looks like, which one is hanging a bit lower, which one may have a slight edge in size v. the other, how much of that pizza went to my boobs v. my hips. They’re mine. I’m as familiar with them, maybe even more so because of the trouble they cause, more than any other part of my body.

But then I go online. I see other big-breasted babes looking like gravity is only a thing that happens to other people. With perfectly round and symmetrical breasts that look like they haven’t aged a bit.

“Wow. Her boobs are perfect.” And then I see 900 other images of the same thing on a daily basis, and I’m like “EVERYONE’S BOOBS ARE PERFECT.”

Don’t worry, these thoughts only last a millisecond. I’m not usually tricked because I created a startup bra company innovating for women with large busts and small bands called Behave (linked here launching March 17! Sign up for emails, follow us on instagram! Ok, pitch over). So I see more boobs on a daily basis than the average human will in their life. And I know what real women’s breasts look like. I know the stats and the percentages and all the info about how they’re almost all asymmetrical. I know basic science that says gravity affects everyone and doesn’t magically skip over celebrities and models.

And yet. I still have the same initial thoughts as you. The “Wow. She’s so perfect” thoughts that can lead to a whole mess of issues and body confidence problems.

So lemme tell you the truth. All breasts are perfect. They’re perfectly imperfect. They’re somewhat lopsided and sometimes saggy and sometimes differently shaped. But they’re perfect. I see ‘em all of the time. I know this.

This is why we need to stop looking at touched up images and instead start looking at each other’s breasts. The photoshopping, the airbrushing and the constant push for perfection online has warped our minds! We need perspective and we need it now. Look at enough of your friend’s breasts and you’ll find they’re beautiful and unique. The boobs used for breastfeeding bear the proud shape of a mama giving life to her young. The boobs that have grown through the years tell a story of a changing body but with beauty still intact. The boobs with the perky nipples bear witness to genetics that just won’t quit. All perfect in their imperfections.

Let me say again for the people in the back: how you view your body shouldn’t depend on others’ bodies.

But holy hell does seeing a pair of tits in their natural environment help to add needed perspective. Because outside of the photoshopping and airbrushing and cleavage enhancements are likely some tatas that share many of the same traits as yours. They sag because, well, gravity. They are fuller on one side because of genetics. They have nipples or large areolas because they serve a valuable purpose. They fluctuate because life happens.

Take it from someone who has yet to see a bad set of breasts. Next time you have the “She’s so perfect” conversation in your head, stop. Call your bestie, do coffee and get a good look at her boobs. You’re going to find we’re all perfectly imperfect. And that’s perfectly normal.

Then go home and proudly display your assets to your partner and think never again about false images of “perfection”. Because your partner already knows what I know. That your breasts are fabulous because…they’re breasts and they’re yours.

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