Ra Ra for Our Big Boobs!

April 19 2020 – Athena Kasvikis

Ra Ra for Our Big Boobs! | Behave Bras
Ra Ra for Our Big Boobs! | Behave Bras

Lately I’ve been exploring other parts of the web that I never had time to see before. There are some very cool groups out there on Reddit, Facebook, and the like. (In fact, we just started one for Behave on Facebook so I can keep connected to you all. Check it out here !)

Naturally, I’ve been drawn to the groups that talk about women and their boobs- especially the bigger ones.

Because I’ve had my own share of demons growing up with this big bad chest of mine, I’m always looking to see what other women out there are going through. 

As you can imagine, I’ve come across the usual flurry of negative conversations of women talking about the horrors of having a large chest. We all know them by now. 

We have problems fitting into certain kinds of clothes. We have issues of over-sexualization and harassment from the opposite sex. Being self-conscious of the assets you were born with. Wanting a breast reduction to look more like one of the Kardashians, or augmentation to look like another one...

All of this nonsense needs to be talked about, and at some point I’ll get around to writing on it. There are some downsides to having a buxom bust for sure. But let’s not do that right now. 

It’s a bit too easy in these dreary times to talk about the negative, so instead, let's explore the plethora of positives. 

Big-busted babes have an advantage in so many things in life!

Feel free to throw some of these benefits on your dating profiles. Or just wait and wow your partner with all of the multi-purpose positives that come with being well-endowed:

  1. We’re the best dates for a concert or a movie. 
  • We have perfected the art of what I call: Boob-Squirreling.  We can tuck away ANYTHING (cell phone, keys, mini bottles of alcohol, whole bags of chips, etc) into our bras and no one knows. It’s like having a purse on us at all times.
We’re 1-Trippers and Boob-Squirrels
    • Hands full and 2-trips just not in your plans? Throw a few items on your top and use those titties as a tray table. Tuck a few extra items like a boob-squirrel into the sides of your bra and wow those haters with all of that extra bust capacity. They’re like a 3rd set of hands.  

    Our boobs are sustenance funnels

    • We don’t leave errant chips on the floor. Oh no. Our assets catch all the crumbs and little bits of nonsense food so we never lose a single bit of sustenance. Very helpful for making sure you get every last piece of popcorn you’re owed.

    We can float anywhere, anytime.

    • You just try and drown us with these elite buoyancy tools! They’re natural flotation devices. 
    We make the best big spoons. 
    • There’s not a hard edge to be found on our front-sides. For those partners who don’t mind being a little spoon sometimes, we’re absolute nirvana. Two warm pillows of cushion to snuggle up with. Sometimes our arms can’t reach around to latch on, but that’s just a minor detail. 
    Our clothes are never saggy or under-filled
    • Never do we have to worry about "filling out" a shirt. Maybe over-filling it, but never not filling something out.
    We’re natural chameleons. 
    • Sometimes we cover them up so there’s just a hint of our curvy shape. Sometimes we show them off and cause whiplash. No matter how we choose to treat our assets on top, we can change our look faster than any other woman depending on the kind of coverage we’re looking for. Always keep ‘em guessing is our motto. 

    As a card-carrying member of the Curvy In-Betweener sorority, I can’t stress enough how awesome having a large bust can be. And I’m quite sure I haven’t listed even 1% of the fabulousness that we carry around with us on a daily basis. 

    Let’s pause the boob complaints a while longer. 

    For now, let’s appreciate what we have, and all of the little ways we are clearly superior to the opposite sex!