Are We Ever Going Back to Underwire Bras?

October 22 2020 – Athena Kasvikis

Are We Ever Going Back to Underwire Bras? | Behave Bras
Are We Ever Going Back to Underwire Bras? | Behave Bras

Last week I finally left my little work-from-home bubble. Went out to a business lunch (outdoors of course) for a meeting for the first time in months. 

Like I actually ate at a restaurant vs getting takeout! It was wild. It felt like a special occasion. That’s how long this lockdown has felt for me.

I actually had to get dressed for this lunch. Like pants! Real shoes! Blow drying of the hair! Fitted clothing! All of the things I used to absolutely dread and now see as such rare occurrences that they’ve become a fun novelty again. 

Here’s what totally stunk though: I had to go and find an underwire bra to put on because I was intent on wearing a fitted top. My Wireless lounge bra may have worked fine, but it's been ingrained in me to wear underwire for business meetings. So that's what I reached for by instinct.

And holy heck did it suck. 

I’ve been living in luxury over here at Behave HQ. I have all the Wireless Lounge bras I need (enough to wear a new one every few days) and my daily outfit problem has been deciding which sweatpants are clean enough to wear. 

Seriously though. 

Before the pandemic, I used to LIVE in underwire bras. 14+ hours/day kinda living. Going to an office everyday kind of living. Hair and makeup always done kind of living.

When we started Behave, I just wanted an underwire to sleep in so I wouldn’t get boob smash and wrinkles from being a side-sleeper. 

But the pandemic has changed me. I now wear my Behave Wireless Lounge bras 24/7. It's been so long since I last wore an underwire that I couldn’t even find my stash because they were moved to a less-trafficked closet.

Not wearing underwire for 5+ months has made me soft. Maybe a bit whiny too. And ya know what? I’m totally ok with that. 

I embrace my new comfortable lifestyle because it's awesome. No longer having to pull out the hair dryer and makeup everyday has become completely normal and quite the welcome change of pace.

Maybe this is why it was so horrible getting back into an underwire and why it now feels like a torture device. 

As I was driving home from my lunch appointment I was thinking: How in the hell did I ever last more than an hour in one of these things?!?!

Cue the deep-thinking, the questioning of my ingrained societal beliefs, the existential crisis that comes with realizing that your past "normal" behavior was absolutely bananas crazy.

Then came the helpful realization. The “duh” moment we all hopefully get to after pondering why things are the way they are and what we can do about it. 


We. Don’t. Ever. Have. To. Go. Back. To. Underwire.

We have the tools we need already. Behave has a fantastic bra with amazing technology that can be even further elevated to solve this underwire problem completely. 


Our Wireless Lounge bra already fits the bill for most women. It's gorgeous, comfy, supportive and you forget you're wearing it after an hour. We hear from reviewers that it's the closest bra they've worn to wearing no bra at all. That's the highest praise I've ever heard about a bra.


And I'm not the only one never going back to underwire full-time.

Pushup bra sales have been decimated in the past 5 years. They've been replaced in popularity by wireless bras.

I think it's because us ladies are finally like "Stop it. I don't need them pushed up! I need them to Behave. Comfortably."


Pushups were always more for men than women. A certain large lingerie chain pushed these pushups like crack. Every ad was a skinny woman with her small boobs jacked to her chin. It didn't look comfortable because it wasn't mean to be. 


We're in the middle of a revolution with bras and I'm proud that Behave is a part of it. 


No longer satisfied with big brands telling women what they want, we've been able to create a better reality for ourselves. We've been able to design our own products and innovate to create things that are actually functional AND comfortable. 


That reality has been driven in part by the athleisure clothing movement influencing lingerie. When we're comfortable going out in yoga pants and sneakers, we start to question why we'd ever put on an underwire bra underneath it all. 


So I'm over here rejoicing. Underwire has had its moment and I think it's finally over. 


Underwire and pushups are flagging and we're going to hit em' with a knockout punch once and for all. 


Rejoice sisters. There is a better way. After months of living the wireless life, I'm proof that all of us can be rehabilitated over to wireless and never go back.


I'll keep a few underwire bras around, for special occasion outfits and such. But every day? Nope. I instead choose comfort. I'm rocking the Wireless Lounge bra and loving it.