About our Products

Bras made for big busts

We didn't just design any old bra. No ma'am. We designed a bra EXCLUSIVELY for large breasts with features like:

- Patented Stayz support can be worn day and night to keep breasts separated, so no boob smash, sweat or jiggle.

- Padded straps with 2mm of foam padding for comfort without shoulder digging

- 3x durable stretch lace that moves with you

- Vertical seams to lift without underwires

- Sport mesh lining to keep everything high and tight

- Longline band for more security an no boob slippage

- Plush 2-sided elastic so nothing but softness next to your skin

- Sizing from 30-40 bands and DD-I cups US/UK. We're adding new sizes all of the time!

Get you some

A little cheek for the curvy

This is comfort, the Behave way. A mid-rise boyshort panty in luxe lace, with a wide, no-pinch band, and just enough cheek to make 'em blush. Match the most comfortably beautiful bra with the most comfortably beautiful panty.

Check our Cheeks

Us vs them? We win.

No wire-free bra comes close to the quality, comfort and support of a Behave Bra. How do we know? We're big-busted and we've tried 'em all. Not to throw shade, but how many of them do you think were designed by someone with GG cups?

Details and Care Instructions

Fabric Content:
LACE: 58% Nylon, 32% Polyester, 10% Spandex
MESH: 90%Nylon, 10% Spandex
SLEEP STAYZ: 77% Polyamide, 23% Elastane

How to Wash:

What the Label Says


More Details:

1. Wash your Behave Bra in the Free laundry bag we sent it to you in. It made of fine mesh to keep the lace from getting snagged on other clothes

2. Wash it on cold. It'll keep the fibers in your fabrics newer, longer. Or hand wash if you're feeling fancy.

3. Lay flat to dry. Or do what we do and hang on a door knob by the bra strap. Let air dry naturally.

4. NEVER PUT IN DRYER. Sorry to yell, but never dry your lace bras or panties in the dryer. Drying at that kind of heat can break down the elastics and fibers in your lingerie.

5. Hot tip: Stay away from laundry detergents that contain phosphates and bleach. These can degrade and ruin the fibers of your bras.

6. If you're still reading this then good for you cause here's another pro tip: Baking soda made into a paste by mixing with a bit of water can remove deo and sweat stains from fabrics. Just smear on the area you want to treat, let sit for an hour or two, and put in laundry bag to wash based on above instructions.

7. Or skip all of the above and give to your mother to wash. She knows what she's doing.